WebFile for Self-Insurers


Welcome to Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission’s WebFile system.

This Guide is designed to assist Self-Insurers with using WebFile, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission’s self -service efficient, easy-to use web-based system implemented so that Self-Insurers may view, initiate changes, and submit the Annual Survey. Questions about any of the information provided in this guide should be directed to selfinsurance@workcomp.virginia.gov or 804-729-6407.

This document provides the information and instructions necessary for navigating the new online tool for Self-Insurers. It has been designed to be used in two different ways:

• the printed document may be used as a hard-copy comprehensive reference manual

• the electronic file may be used as a quick reference guide by clicking the role-based questions in the Contents section

Complete information can be found on the WebFile for Self-Insurers page of the Commission’s website: workcomp.virginia.gov/webfile/webfile-for-self-insurers.

VWC – WebFile Guide for Self-Insurers | workcomp.virginia.gov/ webfile | 804-729-6407 1

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