2016 Annual Report, Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission


Medical Cost Peer Review Program

Until its repeal by the General Assembly in 2016, the Commission administered the Medical Cost Peer Review Program in accordance with Va. Code §§ 65.2-1300 et seq. Initially enacted in 1980, the program was based on informal hearings before committees of physicians who were themselves active in providing treatment for injured workers. The program was under the direction of a nine-member Statewide Coordinating Committee whose members were appointed by the legislature. The Statewide Coordinating Committee included five physicians as well as a representative from each of the following groups: employers, employees, hospitals, and the insurance industry. Each physician member also served as the chairman of the regional peer review committee in one of the five designated health systems areas in Virginia. Each regional committee also had an additional four physician members who were appointed by the Statewide Coordinating Committee based on recommendations from the Medical Society of Virginia.

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Second Injury Fund

The Second Injury Fund is maintained and administered in accordance with Va. Code §§ 65.2-1100 et seq. Initially enacted in 1975, the Second Injury Fund is used to alleviate some of the expenses employers who hire partially disabled workers will face if an accident occurs that causes one of these individuals to suffer a second and permanent disabling injury. This fund also pays compensation and medical benefits, but on a pro-rated basis, and with a $7,500 limit on medical benefits.

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